Whale and dolphin watching is the premier activity of Mirissa Water Sports (MWS). We are the first and longest established whale-watching operator on the south coast of Sri Lanka.

MWS has had over 3 consecutive seasons of whale sightings. Most sightings occur 3 to 6 miles off Mirissa. There are also sightings all year round, which has put Sri Lanka and the Mirissa on the list of the worlds ‘Top Hot Spots’ for sperm and blue whales. We work closely with Sri Lanka’s leading marine mammal expert, Anouk Ilangakoon, who helps us identify the types of whales and their migrating habits.

Blue whales are most frequently seen during the first quarter of the year off the South and West Coast of Sri Lanka. This is part of their migration route pattern. Mirissa Water Sports keeps accurate logs of the sightings so that we can predict the arrival of the blue whales for future whale watching tours. January and April is also a good time for dolphins. We are often accompanied by pods of spinner dolphins during our trips.